Head of stat’s portraits more realistic than the real one… But theses photos are not authentic. They are the result of the Zhang Wei’s chinese careful work.He recreates these faces from different photos of unknown people shoot in the street. An exhibition introduced by the Photography Center of Geneva and the Gallery Art & Public, to see until 29th of March 2015.
Dictators and head states
The politic and show-business : this is the theme of predilection of Zhang Wei, in the surprising portraits galleries he made.
dictators, defender of freedom and head states are together. And they all have a common point, their faces are not really there own faces… A surprising feat. An unknown can have physical similarities with a powerful person. Re working the different « pieces » of ten unknown people, the artist success to a perfect reconstitution of the person. From Kadhafi to Ben Laden, including Vladimir Poutine and Barack Obama, this travel through portraits of leaders left no one indifferent
Hollywood too
Glamorous, with the same process, the young arrest have realized a lot of star’s portraits, from older iconic personality  to the today’s ones. From faces exclusively realized from unknown people that artist met in the Pekin’s streets. It is also here that the feat is. The Marilyn Monroe or the Leonardo Di Caprio’s portraits can be created almost identically with chinese faces!
Zhang Wei is a young artist that a lot of people already speak about. Born in 1977 at Shang Luo, in China, he currently live and work in Peking, where he studied at Peking film academy and Peking photography academy. He exhibits his work in China and increasingly worldwide and he had already received awards.
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